K-9 Defense

Hard side treatment & storage option for bulk items including Bite Suits.

Vehicle treatment for interiors and K9 vehicle inserts.

Great for kennels and interior spaces up to 320 sq. feet.

Kennels and K9 handlers that need bulk storage – excellent for treatment of bite suits, bite sleeves, and K9 gear.

Large enough to handle a Bite Suit top or bottom for remote treatment options.

Unpleasant K9 Odor

caused from contaminants in K9 saliva, urine, and fur

Destroys K9 Bacteria & Virus

passing contaminants from K9 saliva between dogs from exposure to Bite Sleeves & Bite Suits should be a concern of every K9 handler.

Capnocytophaga canimorsus has made the news recently and is the result of contaminants in K9 saliva.

Most infections of K9 urinary systems are caused by contaminants.

Destroys Handler Bacteria

Perspiration & contaminants inside of Bite Suits and Bite Sleeves causes unpleasant odors and leaves handlers exposed to unnecessary contaminants.

Odor Crusher Tactical Closet

Gear Treatment

Bite suits, bite sleeves, tugs, muzzles, leashes, collars, kennels

Tips – Ozone treatment and cleaning bite suits & bite sleeves after each training session to remove bacteria and help eliminate the transfer of contaminants from saliva. Often bite suits can be treated more than once to remove contaminants if the suit has been left untreated and the contaminants build up is more than normal levels.