Dry-Clean Sports Closet


Now you can deodorize and dry your gear fast using the odor-crushing power of Ozone technology + heated air. The dual functionality and size of the Odor Crusher Dry Clean Closet means it can tackle odor and moisture on your team’s gear without breaking a sweat! Need to eliminate odors on a lot of gear at once? The Odor Crusher Dry Clean Closet is an absolute UNIT, perfect for your roster. Ideal for deodorizing lots of big, bulky gear alongside your hangable uniforms, this is the largest self-contained product in the Odor Crusher line. Featuring an AC wall plug, Low, Medium and High power settings and independent cycle times for heated air and Ozone; Choose between heated air cycle times of 1-3hrs, and Ozone cycle times of 15min-1hr. Plug it in, fill it up, pick your settings and walk away!

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  • Dry Gear and Removes Odors
  • Convenient Storage
  • Elimantes Moisture
  • Neutralize body odor, stinky pads, gloves and shoes

Additional information

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 45 × 20 in